I really want to go  

Unfortunately I broke my foot and I couldn’t go, but my two friends went and they loved it. Aroy Aroy sent me a gift which I thought was very attentive. Next time I will go for sure. Thanks

Leonor Coelho    January 29, 2020  
Great day at Aroy Aroy  

What a wonderful time we had at Aroy Aroy. Truly enjoyed our day. The boat trip was pleasant and informative. The cooking class was a lot of fun with no pressure. Plus we got to enjoy the food we cooked. A great way to learn the Thai culture!Would recommend this to anyone!

Gary and Chantal Kermode    January 28, 2017  
Ecole de Cuisine Thaïlandaise Aroy Aroy  

L’école de cuisine Thaï Aroy Aroy se situe en plein centre ville de Chiang Mai, juste à coté du Night Bazar, au River Market Restaurant. Elle est ouverte du lundi au samedi.

A l’inverse des autres écoles qui vous proposent généralement le choix des plats que vous désirez découvrir, les cours de cuisine proposés par l’école Aroy Aroy sont des menus pré-établis selon les jours de la semaine. Notez qu’il est possible d’opter pour des plats végétariens mais il vous faudra prévenir à l’avance.

Chiang Mai News    July 20, 2016   Website   

Overall, we had a blast! This is definitely something that we recommend doing while in Chiang Mai. The staff were fantastic and were very well organized. The boat trip to the market made it seem like we were doing a tour rather than just a cooking class. We loved the fact that he was teaching us more of the technique on how to make the dishes rather than how to follow a recipe. Chef A gave us lots of great tips which we could apply to general Thai cooking. I had previously done a cooking class in Vietnam and had to spend a lot of my time writing recipes down. Here, we could access their recipes on their website which I thought was a great touch. After the class, Roy, the owner takes the time to email you photos taken from the class, accompanied with a short thank you note. I thought that was fantastic of them! So next time you are in Chiang Mai searching for a cooking school, definitely check out the guys over at Aroy Aroy.

adventureinyou    July 15, 2016   Website   

On a blistering hot and humid day, standing in front of a gas hob, wok in hand , is probably not ideal, but the knowledge , enthusiasm and dedication of the cooks giving the classes helped us to spend a really enjoyable, even unforgettable few hours in Chiang Mai. Thanks to Roy and his impressive team for making this Thai cooking experience truly remarkable.

Martin Sullivan    June 21, 2017  
Aroy Aroy Thai Cooking School - Number 2 in Asia  

In Asia you can visit temples and sites, wander in fresh markets, and sample amazing food in food courts, restaurants, and street corners. But nothing gives a better sense of the destination like spending a day with a cook in his or her kitchen.

Inside the kitchen and possibly a walk in the vegetable garden or the local fresh market will show you more than the food. You’ll learn about the culture, history, and the story behind every dish. Perhaps get an insider guide to where to eat when you are traversing the country on your own. So, here are Travelmath’s five best cooking class tours in Asia to help you decide where to go next:
1. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is 18 miles from Da Nang International Airport and an hour and 17 minutes flight from Hanoi. Located in Vietnam’s central coast, this well-preserved ancient trading port was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

There are plenty of cooking schools in town but we have chosen Green Bamboo Cooking School and Cafe for your cooking class tour. A driver will pick you up at your hotel, then tour the local market with Van the hostess, buy ingredients and learn about the local produce. After the local market tour you’’ll be taken to Van’s home to cook the dish of your choice (selected during reservation). This tour includes time to mingle with the hostess and other guests around Van’s kitchen table.

Pick up time is around 8 to 8:30 a.m. and the class ends at approximately 4 p.m.
2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand’s cultural city is another Asian destination where you can indulge in good food. It is only a flight away from Bangkok. In fact, just a one hour 13 minute flight.
Aroy Aroy Thai Cooking School provides a half day cooking class tour that starts at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 1:30 p.m. You’ll have to make your own way to the school.
The tour includes if weather and group size permit, a 15-minute riverboat cruise on Ping River to the food market. The escorted food market tour highlights the vegetable, fruit, and spice sections. If the group has less than four guests, the cooking school uses a songthaew (red truck) for transportation to the food market.
After the food market, temple and flower market tour, guests will learn how to prepare five traditional Thai dishes at the cooking school. The tour ends with a time to feast on the food you prepared and sip a complimentary Thai beer.

3. Bali, Indonesia
If you have tried mie goring, sambal ulek (Balinese hot sauce) and pepes ikan (Balinese steamed fish in banana leaf) in Bali, you’re going to love learning how to make them at home. These simple dishes are taught in many cooking classes but we have chosen Payuk Bali Cooking School.
You have a choice of a morning or an afternoon class. Free pick up is available in the Ubud area. The tour starts with a trip to an outdoor food market to learn about local fish, meat, produce and other fresh ingredients. You’ll learn to cook in an open-air kitchen. This hands-on experience gives you an opportunity to grind, cut, mix, and stir-fry and finally a time to share the a meal with the host and the other guests.

This half day tour lasts around five hours.

4. Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto, Japan’s ancient and old capital city is home to the best kaiseki – a meal of small dishes with bitter green tea. Besides kaiseki, Kyoto offers plenty of opportunity if you are looking for a good cooking class tour.
Check out Kyoto Uzuki Japanese Cooking by Emi Hirayama. Unlike the other cooking schools in Hoi An, Chiang Mai and Bali, everything is ready when you arrive. There are no trips to the market or temple. You’ll cook three to four dishes in the class. A typical home cooking menu includes a salad or a soup, a grilled or fried dish and a sweet dish.
The class is held in Emi’s house, which in itself is a plus because you get to see a real home in Kyoto.

5. Seoul, South Korea
Did you know there is a kimchi museum in Seoul? In fact, the art of kimjang (making and sharing kimchi) is inscribed on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Learn to make kimchi and bulgogi (a beef dish) at the O’ngo Cooking School. This tour includes a trip to the local market, a two-hour long cooking class and time to savor the food you cooked after the class. It is only available Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and Thursdays at 2 p.m.

Travelmath.com    January 17, 2017   Website   

Thanks for the unforgettable evening, a "must" to all who visit Chiang Mai!

Dirk Stichelmans    May 7, 2019  

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