For Exclusive Course we will visit Warorot Market

The main wholesale market for fresh produce is Warorot Market.

Produce is sold from large concrete buildings, roadside stalls and from the back of pick up trucks that have arrived directly from the surrounding countryside. It is a truly amazing feast for the eyes and nose as well as the constant hubub of the bustling market.

The vendors usually specialize in just one product so you will pass a mountain of pineapples one minute and watermelons the next. You will come across great seas of green and red chillies and piles of garlic and onions.The variety and freshness is truly astonishing.

You will discover sections selling fresh meats and seafood and a couple of stalls that sell nothing but a variety of curry pastes.

There is no better way to be introduced to the raw ingredients that are required for our Thai cuisine and this visit is an intrinsic part of our cooking classes.


For Standard Course we will visit Somphet or MingMuang Market

Somphet is a colourful, local and conveniently placed market.A very traditional little shopping spot, Somphet market is just off Moonmuang Road, right in the heart of Chiang Mai’s guesthouse land. In fact, we can only assume that most customers in the market these days are guesthouse cooks or cookery school students, since there really aren’t that many private houses in this part of town anymore.

There’s not a lot here that your average visitor would want to purchase, but it’s an interesting place to wander around, and is excellent location for a morning coffee or fresh fruit juice, or for that matter, a late-night noodle soup when everything else is shut.
The market itself is mostly fruit and vegetables, plus some freshly chopped meat, but it is surrounded by plenty of cheap coffee and juice stalls, which make great people-watching spots. You can also get a bite to eat in one of the adjacent cafes and noodle stalls spilling out along the edge of Moonmuang Road.

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